Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break Day 1 & 2....

We hit the road on Saturday at 11:00 am.   We drove all day, and stopped for the night in Montgomery, AL.   Day 2 was filled with more driving and we arrived in Daytona Beach late afternoon.  Makenzie and I quickly made our way down for a quick walk on the beach.  It was extremely windy and we only lasted for a short while.   We watched the Razorback game in the condo which in total Razorback fashion took us on an emotional roller coaster ride which ended sadly for us.... Great game.  We then made our way to eat a bite and grab some groceries.  Looking forward to some awesome beach time this week! Madison isn't thrilled that she "wasn't invited" on this vacation.  Parenting adult kids is hard... especially when they live so far away.  I'm sure we will have many FaceTime sessions with her this week!  It isn't the same travelling as a family of 4.  It's very quiet..... and nobody asks for the movie to be changed or for snacks because they can do it all themselves.  It's different and weird but good all rolled into one.

Of course there is a Madison sign....

I miss this beauty!

Mak enjoying the seat to herself....

Me enjoying a seat to myself....
and Madison's thoughts about that :-)

Sweet boy wasn't that great at keeping Dad company in the front seat.

Snapchat and Facetime make it seem like she IS with us :-)

FINALLY at the beach!!

Even with the loss...I will always love my HOGS!

 We drive 17 hours to eat at Culvers????  Mak's choice, not mine :-)

Probably will get this same message all week long....She is learning that being an adult isn't always fun.... Love her and will see her soon!
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Cheri Powell said...

Love you Amy!! And that whole adult kid thing is both a blessing and it sucks at the same time!! Have fun on your vaca!! Happy Spring!!!