Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting Patiently

Today we began our journey to NYC. We arrived at the airport an hour early... which for the Simpson family can be a journey in itself.
Mason getting some last minute hugs before his all male week with Daddy begins.
There were some misty eyes behind those glasses. He was too sweet!!
Janene, Bethany, Makenzie, and Madison at the gate ready to board the plane.

We boarded the plane and headed out a little delayed, but nothing substantial. Watching the girls' faces while we were taking off was so fun. They have flown only once before and they were very small and don't remember it. The flight was non eventful. Around 30 minutes before we were to land, the pilot came on and told us that we were in a holding pattern for a while due to traffic at La Guardia. I continued to read and thought nothing of it. The next announcement we received was that we were headed to Columbus Ohio to refuel and wait for clearance to fly to LGA. We arrived in Columbus, ate a late lunch, and waited and waited to find out if we were going to get to fly out! They were cancelling flights that were originating in Columbus, so it was a little nerveracking thinking we might be spending the night there.....The waiting was the hardest part.

We finally got to reboard in Columbus and we arrived in NYC around 7:15.

We had reserved a limo for the ride to the hotel. The girls were excited about that.

We checked into the hotel, dropped our bags off, and headed out the door for dinner. We made our way through Times Square to the Hard Rock Cafe for a late dinner.

This video was one that played while we were there.

We left the Hard Rock at 11:30 p.m. and when we walked outside it looked like noon. The lights in Times Square are amazing.
We have some very tired girls that are dancing tomorrow...... Talk to you soon~

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