Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dribbling and Dancing

A long awaited spring break is finally here. We have been going fast and furious for a few weeks now. Makenzie just finished up her Upward Basketball season. She did awesome. Stan is so excited that he has a child showing promise in the area of basketball. She enjoyed it, and improved leaps and bounds from last year.

Madison just finished up 2 dance competitions. The first was here in Bentonville last weekend. The second was in Joplin this past weekend. She danced in 3 dances. Two of them were great and won first place, and the other one was okay All three of them qualified for nationals this summer in Branson.

Yesterday was full of rain, and today promises another monsoon. Hopefully the weatherman will be correct about the end of the week, and the kids and I can get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

As soon as I get my camera charged, I'll post more pictures. I could scan these in..... Gotta love technology~~~
I'll upload the b-ball action shots soon....
Quite the dancing diva.....

This was a fun picture. This is the dance that won first place.
She is always so animated when she dances. She's fun to watch.

This dance also won first place.

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