Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Stanton Monroe. As I was showering this morning, I remembered it was his birthday. But when the morning routine was over... I had forgotten to verbally acknowledge his birthday~~~ EEK! So I called him from the car and the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. I quickly called Magic 107.9 and low and behold he won their birthday contest. The kids and I were screaming in the car when they announced his name. You would've thought he had won a million bucks instead of a Western Sizzlin gift certificate. So then I called KLRC, our local Christian radio station. Yep, you guessed it.. the lucky guy won that contest too. I wanted to take him to Las Vegas tonight for good measure.

Stan's first birthday request was a pair of sunglasses, but I think that's a personal purchase... so I went to get him a gift certificate at the Sunglass Hut. I promise you the man working at the SGH said he could not sell me a gift card because all of his cards were too old to load money on. I thought he was kidding and Jay Leno was gonna pop out and put me on the show. Next item on the list, Cabela's Big Game Hunter for the Wii. Seriously. This is what he was looked like a bigger portion of our evening :-) We went to the Outback for dinner with our friends Jack and Michelle, and then back to their house for birthday cookie to celebrate. Not as exciting as last year's surprise 40th birthday party and Caribbean cruise ... but we did enjoy the evening.
I love you Birthday Boy~

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boogie Shoes

It's that time of year again~ Marathon Dance Recital Weekend. For those of you who have never experienced this.... I don't know whether to pity you or envy you. Hopefully, I'll stay sane enough until Monday and can post even more pictures and a video of Madison (Blogger is VERY slow with the video downloading!!!) Until then... I have 2 girls to get make-uped, hair doed, and costumed.


Makenzie with Catie Beth Tutt

Madison was one of the mice in the Cinderella Ballet.

Cheer Pom~ Makenzie is on the far left at the beginning...

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