Saturday, June 30, 2012

There Were 3 in the Bed and the Little One said.....

Day 1
The girls had their dance auditions this morning for next year's ATD team.  I love our studio and the family that we have there.  There are many choices for studios in this area... and we picked the absolute best for our family!  Kudos to Meghan and her staff for making auditions run smoothly.  That being said, we got on the road at 3:00 today headed for Ft. Walton Beach for Dance Nationals.  We are travelling with the Summerfords, so in Conway, I hopped in the car with Stephanie and we laughed until we arrived in Jackson, MS for the night.  We got to our rooms and discovered that the King 'Suite' was a king bed with a twin size pull out sofa.  Thanks to Stephanie and Lucy for letting Makenzie bunk with them.  This left us with Madison on our lovely pullout and Mason in between Stan and I.  We have never let our kids sleep with us, and he thought he was big stuff. 

I will post more pics tomorrow... Gotta get in bed because tomorrow it's BEACH BABY!!!!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Baaaaack.....

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I am sitting in a meeting listening to a presenter talk about blogs and blogging. In the back of mind I was thinking "I've done that... Yada yada..". So I decided to pull up my blog and discovered it has been TWO years since I posted. I had so much fun going back and looking at our past and remembering the fun memories created as a family. So, here I go again with an attempt to document our family story via this blog. The past 2 years have seen a lot of changes in our family. I'll add some pics later to try and catch up. Facebook has been an avenue I've used to keep friends and family in the loop. But I want to try and summarize here. Wish me luck!!