Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 5 Fun

I made sure to set an alarm this morning so I didn't sleep too late and miss any beach time. When the alarm went off, I got up in my very dark bedroom and got dressed in my beach attire.  After I was all ready to go, I looked out the window and saw rain....   So Plan B went in to effect.

The first stop was Starbucks.  Look at this FUN spring cup.  There are also purple ones with bunnies on them.  It makes the coffee taste that much better.

The next stop was to retrieve Makenzie's wallet from Bubba Gumps that she left on the table last night.  Thankful that it was there.

Our next stop was the outlet mall.   We made it to ONE store and the sun came out.  So we hurried so we could get to the beach.

Of course she makes this outfit look adorable!!

Who knew that overalls could be a beach cover up too?

Have I mentioned how much I love the beach??

Even the ICE CREAM TRUCK can drive on the beach.   

It is the end of Biker Week in Daytona Beach.  I'm SO sad we missed it....NOT!  There are a few bikers still here in our condo building.  We are on the first floor, and I ran smack dab into a motorcycle on my way in tonight.  I thought I had broken my leg.... that blood is on the inside.  It's disgusting.

After dinner we took another trip to the outlet mall.  These fellas were in the road and a nice lady was helping them get out of the way.

Still sporting the overalls.  She may sleep in them tonight.

We finished the evening with ice cream and some good laughing time piled up in our bed.  Our kids have never been allowed to sleep with us, and they still ask on occasion.  
The answer is still no :-)   

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