Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 6.... Wrapping it Up

Today was the final beach day.  This is what we woke up to.....  Too bad I never took surfing lessons.  It would've been a perfect day.   


So I got up before everyone and went outside early to enjoy the sunrise (I personally think sunrises are HIGHLY overrated, but if you have to see one, the ocean is the place to do it)   It was pretty with the crazy wind and waves.

 I met some friends while I was walking.  Luckily I didn't get attacked or pooped on....

After my morning adventure I made my way to Publix (which I love) to get this little gem.  You cannot find this in NWA.  If you know the Walmart Spice Buyer... put in a good word.   For those of you that know what I do with this.... invite me over and ask me to bring an appetizer.   I might have even purchased some extra for some special people.   

I was determined to be on the beach today... so I went alone... literally.   Nobody was out except for me and the beach patrol.   When they tell you that you can get sun on an overcast day... they are right.  Aloe is my best friend right now.

I got some great Easter ideas.  Thanks Martha!

I asked several locals for seafood restaurant recommendations this week.  ALL of them included this as their top recommendation.... Our Deck Down Under.   They were right.   It was so good and the atmosphere was perfect. 

We are just a beam of light everywhere we go.


Stan and I split this platter.

I wanted to... but I didn't.   

It was a perfect last night.  We grabbed our obligatory souvenir t-shirts after dinner and headed back to the condo.  We are completely packed and will head out in the morning for Arkansas.  

I love you ocean...until we meet again!

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