Sunday, March 24, 2013

13 years???

Sadly, I haven't touched this blog in months.  Today is always my least favorite day of the year.  On March 24, 2000 my Daddy's life on Earth ended and he pounced into Heaven.  Those of you that knew him know that "pounced"  is the perfect verb to describe him.  A few years ago I blogged about my Dad and I wanted to reread it.   It makes me smile to remember.


July 7, 2008

This past July 7th, my dad would've turned 70 years old. So in his honor/memory, here are some lessons Daddy taught me in the 33 years that I knew him.

10. Enjoy life~ Dad always whistled. No matter what he was doing... he whistled~ Kind of like Snow White's "Whistle While You Work" He enjoyed life.

9. Work hard~ Dad did it all. From salesman to entrepreneurship.... And if it wasn't successful... he'd just try something else.

8. Dream big~ "If you don't enter the Publisher's ClearingHouse Sweepstakes.... you won't win."

7. Know how to change a flat tire, check the oil, and jump a car battery~ I had to pass the driveway test and prove that I could do all 3 when I turned 16. I can still jump a car and check the oil. God created cell phones and husbands for the flat tires...

6. Meet your neighbors~ We've lived in our house over 5 years, and I know a few by name. I'm not so great at this. My dad knew every neighbor he ever lived around and 5 facts about each of them.

5. Volunteer/work at church~ Dad did it all including....driving a bus, greeting, ushering, deaconing, and working with the kids in AWANAS. We are a little thankful he didn't try the choir. (see post #4)

4. Be joyful~ Dad was very musically challenged... maybe the absolute worst musically challenged person I've ever known.... but he didn't care~ At church, he'd sing just as loud the choir director. He was joyful~ or maybe just wanted to irritate us??

3. Never eat a roast without onions, or cottage cheese without pepper. Those of you who know me well might say I'm a little picky about my food and food service. As I'm typing this post, I realize where I got that~ Thanks Dad!

2. Laugh at yourself or preferably at others~ I definitely got my practical joking and sense of humor from Dad. He always was kidding or pestering somebody.

1. Love God, your family, and friends. Don't just tell them.. .show them too~

Thanks Dad~ Lessons learned (some better than others...)

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