Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 3... Daytona Beach

I hate food pics.... But I love vacation when I have the leisure to actually cook breakfast.  I don't do this on normal days because even though I love breakfast... I love sleep more, and there is not time for this on school days.

 Today was the beginning of my happy place.  I think I went through an entire can of sunscreen just so I could stay outside and be able to do it again tomorrow.

My dance mom friends understand this picture.... You simply don't go to the beach with a dancer without this picture.  I will say that over the years this one has gotten better and better.  She is dancing stronger than ever these days!

This sweet kid loves the beach and his momma.  Not sure which one more???

Makenzie takes after me in her love for tanning and the beach.  

Stan took a second away from playing catch with Mason to pose with me.    Thankful for this goob that goes along with my vacation plans even when he doesn't want to.

See you tomorrow beach.

We ate tacos in the condo before venturing out to the movies.  Mak and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Beauty and the Beast.  It was very well done.   I highly recommend it and will definitely be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD.   Be Our Guest has always been my favorite so I had to snap a pic of Lumiere.   It's my criminal side coming out :-)

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