Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 6.... Wrapping it Up

Today was the final beach day.  This is what we woke up to.....  Too bad I never took surfing lessons.  It would've been a perfect day.   


So I got up before everyone and went outside early to enjoy the sunrise (I personally think sunrises are HIGHLY overrated, but if you have to see one, the ocean is the place to do it)   It was pretty with the crazy wind and waves.

 I met some friends while I was walking.  Luckily I didn't get attacked or pooped on....

After my morning adventure I made my way to Publix (which I love) to get this little gem.  You cannot find this in NWA.  If you know the Walmart Spice Buyer... put in a good word.   For those of you that know what I do with this.... invite me over and ask me to bring an appetizer.   I might have even purchased some extra for some special people.   

I was determined to be on the beach today... so I went alone... literally.   Nobody was out except for me and the beach patrol.   When they tell you that you can get sun on an overcast day... they are right.  Aloe is my best friend right now.

I got some great Easter ideas.  Thanks Martha!

I asked several locals for seafood restaurant recommendations this week.  ALL of them included this as their top recommendation.... Our Deck Down Under.   They were right.   It was so good and the atmosphere was perfect. 

We are just a beam of light everywhere we go.


Stan and I split this platter.

I wanted to... but I didn't.   

It was a perfect last night.  We grabbed our obligatory souvenir t-shirts after dinner and headed back to the condo.  We are completely packed and will head out in the morning for Arkansas.  

I love you ocean...until we meet again!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 5 Fun

I made sure to set an alarm this morning so I didn't sleep too late and miss any beach time. When the alarm went off, I got up in my very dark bedroom and got dressed in my beach attire.  After I was all ready to go, I looked out the window and saw rain....   So Plan B went in to effect.

The first stop was Starbucks.  Look at this FUN spring cup.  There are also purple ones with bunnies on them.  It makes the coffee taste that much better.

The next stop was to retrieve Makenzie's wallet from Bubba Gumps that she left on the table last night.  Thankful that it was there.

Our next stop was the outlet mall.   We made it to ONE store and the sun came out.  So we hurried so we could get to the beach.

Of course she makes this outfit look adorable!!

Who knew that overalls could be a beach cover up too?

Have I mentioned how much I love the beach??

Even the ICE CREAM TRUCK can drive on the beach.   

It is the end of Biker Week in Daytona Beach.  I'm SO sad we missed it....NOT!  There are a few bikers still here in our condo building.  We are on the first floor, and I ran smack dab into a motorcycle on my way in tonight.  I thought I had broken my leg.... that blood is on the inside.  It's disgusting.

After dinner we took another trip to the outlet mall.  These fellas were in the road and a nice lady was helping them get out of the way.

Still sporting the overalls.  She may sleep in them tonight.

We finished the evening with ice cream and some good laughing time piled up in our bed.  Our kids have never been allowed to sleep with us, and they still ask on occasion.  
The answer is still no :-)   

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break- Day 4

Today was another fun beach day.  We were still sporting a little bit of sunburn so we didn't plan to head down until afternoon.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
This is how the day started..... More and more jelly on that toast everyday :-)
After breakfast, I was feeling a little sleepy and knew I couldn't spend the entire day down on the beach because of a sunburn so I decided to take a small morning nap.   The next thing I knew... it was 1:30 pm.   Yep I took a 4 hour nap in the morning.  Don't judge.. the room was completely dark.
Good thing it doesn't take me long to get ready for the beach.  I had assumed my position by 2:00. 

The boys took the boogie boards out for a while and played in the waves.  The surf has been pretty high so they had fun getting slapped around for a while.   

Something that has taken some getting used to is that people can drive cars on the beach. It is very common to see people jogging, walking, or riding bikes along the beach.  Normal stuff.... 

but then all of a sudden there's a Jeep. 

Or a totally non beach worthy car.    Tomorrow I may talk Stan into cruising the beach in the mini.  Crank down the windows and blare 80s music to mortify our teenagers.    Sounding better and better.

Then these 2 town idiots came strolling by.

For those of you not wearing your glasses right now... that is snake...  Yes a SNAKE.  I was just sitting there minding my own business and this completely creeped me out.   What kind of a complete freak walks the beach with Satan's pet in his hand???    In case you don't know.... I HATE SNAKES.

We went to Bubba Gumps for dinner tonight (Makenzie's choice) which was great.  And these are the pre and post dinner pics.   We came back to the condo to put on our fat pants after dinner.   
These 2 have enjoyed each other's company this trip and have been really sweet with each other.

 Day 5 coming up in the morning.... .I won't be sleeping late unless it's in my beach chair!!

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Day 3... Daytona Beach

I hate food pics.... But I love vacation when I have the leisure to actually cook breakfast.  I don't do this on normal days because even though I love breakfast... I love sleep more, and there is not time for this on school days.

 Today was the beginning of my happy place.  I think I went through an entire can of sunscreen just so I could stay outside and be able to do it again tomorrow.

My dance mom friends understand this picture.... You simply don't go to the beach with a dancer without this picture.  I will say that over the years this one has gotten better and better.  She is dancing stronger than ever these days!

This sweet kid loves the beach and his momma.  Not sure which one more???

Makenzie takes after me in her love for tanning and the beach.  

Stan took a second away from playing catch with Mason to pose with me.    Thankful for this goob that goes along with my vacation plans even when he doesn't want to.

See you tomorrow beach.

We ate tacos in the condo before venturing out to the movies.  Mak and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Beauty and the Beast.  It was very well done.   I highly recommend it and will definitely be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD.   Be Our Guest has always been my favorite so I had to snap a pic of Lumiere.   It's my criminal side coming out :-)

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break Day 1 & 2....

We hit the road on Saturday at 11:00 am.   We drove all day, and stopped for the night in Montgomery, AL.   Day 2 was filled with more driving and we arrived in Daytona Beach late afternoon.  Makenzie and I quickly made our way down for a quick walk on the beach.  It was extremely windy and we only lasted for a short while.   We watched the Razorback game in the condo which in total Razorback fashion took us on an emotional roller coaster ride which ended sadly for us.... Great game.  We then made our way to eat a bite and grab some groceries.  Looking forward to some awesome beach time this week! Madison isn't thrilled that she "wasn't invited" on this vacation.  Parenting adult kids is hard... especially when they live so far away.  I'm sure we will have many FaceTime sessions with her this week!  It isn't the same travelling as a family of 4.  It's very quiet..... and nobody asks for the movie to be changed or for snacks because they can do it all themselves.  It's different and weird but good all rolled into one.

Of course there is a Madison sign....

I miss this beauty!

Mak enjoying the seat to herself....

Me enjoying a seat to myself....
and Madison's thoughts about that :-)

Sweet boy wasn't that great at keeping Dad company in the front seat.

Snapchat and Facetime make it seem like she IS with us :-)

FINALLY at the beach!!

Even with the loss...I will always love my HOGS!

 We drive 17 hours to eat at Culvers????  Mak's choice, not mine :-)

Probably will get this same message all week long....She is learning that being an adult isn't always fun.... Love her and will see her soon!
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