Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boogie Shoes

I am posting this video, not because it's the best ballet dancing I've ever seen Madison do, but because at the end... her true personality shines and I got a good laugh out of it. And you've gotta love those legs. Thank you Aunt Kris and Aunt Leanda!!

Here are a couple of pictures from her dance class:

Bethany, Katherine, and Madison

Concentrating hard.... which is difficult with a camera pointed at you

No post would be complete without a Tutt child in it~ Catie Beth and Madison being silly

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Pumpkin Soup

Number One reason to not carve pumpkins too early before Halloween.....

As Mason would say these days.... "Nice."

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Fall.....

Last night was Pumpkin Carving Night. The girls always love carving pumpkins with Daddy. Mason wasn't that interested last night; however, he asked several times today if Daddy would cut his pumpkin.

Mason drawing the face on his pumpkin. This is as far as he got with the process.

Makenzie creating her masterpiece.

Madison concentrating on making the perfect Jack o' Lantern.
I'm surprised her tongue is in her mouth!!

She is truly MY daughter. Yuck!

The smell in the garage was pretty strong. I was informed it smelled better than deer guts. Nice!

Makenzie's finished product

Madison's finished product

Stan's finished product

My finished product #1

And #2

I decided the porch looked silly with Jack O' Lanterns and red geraniums, so I got very ambitious, and actually decorated my outside urns to make a good backdrop for the pumpkins.

And I did it all myself.

And I would take some help in fixing them if anyone offered.

For free of course. :-)

I love the Fall! Especially the weather that comes with it.

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